Heaquarters: 13 Rue du Pakistan – 1002 Lafayette – Tunis
Tel / Fax: +216 71 831 929 Mobile : +216 55 563 351
Founder: Eng. Habib Khaskhoussi
Partners: German and South Korean suppliers
Activity: Medical Sector:
- Project planning
- Maintenance
- Reparation
- Installation
- Training


» Become one of the region's major and most affordable delivers of quality medical and consumer health products.
» The vision of MAME is to be the first choice for medical equipment in the communities we serve.
» We constantly strive for excellence and seek to improve the services we offer.


» To deliver outstanding service and high medical technology.
» We serve through the delivery of healthcare solutions and technology.


» Compassion and gratitude: Caring for the needs of others powers our journey. In turn, we value what service teaches us about ourselves and about how we relate to others.

» Honesty and commitment: We are committed to serve our clients with the utmost honesty and care we can.

» Hard work: Serving the needs of others is our reason for being.

» Cooperation and collaboration: We are a community and we serve a community. Nothing we do stands alone; everything depends on cooperation and collaboration.

» Respect and trust: All our interactions demonstrate the respect we have for others. Mutual respect and trust are the core of all our relationships as well as the foundation of our reputation.

» Work ethics and personal responsibility: Every staff member is responsible for playing a vital role in the success of our company and the positive experience of our clients. There's harmony between our duty and our co-workers.


» Hospital and clinic project planning: We provide full and detailed project planning including:
- Technical study
- Cost calculation
- Evaluation and statics

» Hospital and clinic building: We build different medical unities including hospitals, clinics and other healthcare buildings.

» Providing all kinds of equipment for hospitals and clinics: Our partners from Germany and South Korea are responsive and professional. We work together to satisfy the customer needs and deliver products in time and as agreed.

» Staff training and follow up: A good health care unity depends on its staff to reach success and customer satisfaction. This is why the whole staff must be trained and aware of the latest technology and invention in the medical sector.

» Providing high quality service of maintenance: Certainly, medical equipments need constant and permanent care. Therefore, we provide a high quality maintenance which guarantees the equipment's life and efficiency.

» Reparation: In case of equipment's damage, we immediately intervene upon your request to solve the problem in real time.